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Kent County Council is moving to commissioning on the basis of Quality, Price and Social Value. During 2016, commissioners in adult social care worked with Skillnet Group and the Cabinet Office to develop a Framework for commissioning Social Value.


Social Value is "the benefit to the community from a commissioning/procurement process over and above the direct purchasing of goods, services and outcomes." The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 requires public bodies to consider how their commissioning and procurement might improve economic, social and environmental wellbeing. There is no definitive list of what those improvements could be. The Act is deliberately flexible, giving public bodies like Kent County Council freedom to determine what best suits local needs, as well as providers the opportunity to innovate. You can read a useful introduction to Social Value and the Act here.


Kent's Adult Social Care commissioners are committed to maximising Social Value, which means it will become more significant in the design and specification of commissioned services. The Social Value Framework will shape how commissioners co-work with providers from the outset when a service is commissioned to decide what kind of Social Value can and should be sought, how this is reflected in the service specification, and how it will be measured during service delivery. It will support the whole Council's commitment to Social Value, expressed in Principle 9 of its Commissioning Framework.


The Social Value Framework is finished and was approved in September 2016 by KCC's senior governance. The final open feedback period ended on 23 March 2016.

View the final version of the Social Value Framework

Download Social Value tips for providers tendering to provide Kent adult social care

Download KCC's list of the kind of activities that may count as Social Value


A central feature of our project to develop a Framework was a workshop on 10 February 2016 in Maidstone. The workshop gathered Adult Social Care commissioners, providers and people who receive care and support to explore together how to make the most of Social Value in Kent. Presentations and other content from the workshop are available below.


Skillnet Group and Kent County Council were engaged by the Cabinet Office to support the Framework's development. 

Download the Cabinet Office Case Study for this project

Download the next steps for Social Value that we recommended to KCC


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Emma Hanson's presentation on the future of Adult Social Care in Kent


James Lampert's presentation on the Commissioning Cycle


Clare Maynard's presentation on how tenders will be evaluated for Quality, Price and Social Value



Images to help us think about taking one next step for Social Value



Quotes from providers on why Social Value matters


Sticky notes from the Social Value Wall


Notes from the afternoon focus group of people who receive care and support


SWOT sheets from table discussions on the Commissioning Cycle


SWOT sheets from table discussions on the Evaluation Model


SWOT sheets from table discussions on Principles for Measurement

Detailed and Summarised Feedback from the Workshop


The workshop as told by Twitter!






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