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What is a Social Business?

Working with people with Learning Difficulties in KentSkillnet Group is a social enterprise.  This means we are a business that tries to improve communities, people’s life chances and the environment. Any money we make is re-invested into our work and local communities.

As a social enterprise, we run several social businesses (firms) or emerging social businesses, which you can read about on this website.

A social business is set up in response to a local need to create good quality jobs for people disadvantaged in the workplace. The aim of a social business is to make a profit so that people who find it hard to get into and stay in work can have that opportunity.

The social business or firm is based on the idea that it is a business that supports employment, rather than a ‘project’ that trades. At least half of the money the business takes should come from sales of goods or services. At least one quarter of employees will be disadvantaged people and reasonable adjustment will be made to enable them to work and fulfill their role.

Working with people with Learning Difficulties in KentThe working conditions, pay, hours and duration of contracts should be the same for both disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged people working in the business.

Social businesses are committed to making sure that the workplace is as fair and equal as possible for all employees and that everyone has an equal chance to contribute meaningfully.

An ‘emerging social business’ will be working towards becoming a social business but may not be making enough money to employ many people yet. It will have a business plan that states how it plans to do so in the future.

"I am proposing to create another kind of business, based on the "selflessness" that is in all of us. I am calling it social business."

Muhammad Yunus

You can read a Centre for Welfare Reform feature on Eco Shed, one of our social businesses, here

For more information about social enterprises and social businesses (firms) please take a look at these websites:

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