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Supported Internships for Young People


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Many young people with learning difficulties and disabilities want to get a job


It can be hard for them to get a job

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A Supported Internship is a study programme that will

  • Help you get a job

  • Get qualifications if that is what you need

  • Help with Maths and English so you can use them in real life

  • Support you to become more independent!


What's different about Supported Internships?

  • You do most of your learning at work which means you can learn by doing

  • A Supported Internship could be the right choice for you if you know you learn best by ‘doing’.

  • The most important thing is that you really want to get paid work.

  • Supported Internships are all about working towards a paid job.

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Our Supported Internships programme will:

  • Have information that you understand about how it works

  • Spend time with you and your family to make sure a Supported Internship is right for you and talk about what going to work means

  • Have job coaches to help you think about what you want to do

  • Support you in work, to help you gain confidence and skills

  • Keep checking things are alright and working well

  • Make sure you are able to talk to others with learning disabilities and difficulties who understand

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Funding and benefits

  • If you are aged 16 to 24 and have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) the course will be funded.

  • You might also be able to get extra money for support from social services or through a student bursary (you will have to have an assessment).


Example of a Supported Internship

Emily is 16 and in Year 11 at school. She lives with her mum, dad sister and dog. She found out about Supported Internships from her tutor at school.

Emily went to an information session with her mum at school and thought it sounded great as she didn't like school much and wanted to try something different.

In March Emily and her mum went to meet the Supported Internship team and she had to show she really wanted to get a job and would stick to the programme. Emily's mum had to show she would support her too.

In June Emily and her mum met her job coach called Julia. She helped Emily think about all the things she is good at, the things she knows about and what her dreams for the future were.

Emily loves cooking. She also likes to talk to other people. Julia helped Emily think about all the things that she was good at and how this could help her get a job in a cafe.

They also talked about the things she wanted to learn about in the classroom. They agreed they would work on:

Understanding money better

 Keep working on her reading

And that she would learn to get the bus to get to her work placement and to the classroom.

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At the cafe she will get to learn about all the different jobs.

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The first thing Emily wants to learn is how to use the till. She also wants to learn to use the coffee machine.

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Emily will start in September and finish in July next year

She will spend 4 days a week at the cafe and 1 day a week  in the classroom.

She will go to work all year even during school holidays. She will agree some holiday dates with the cafe like everyone else who works there. Julia will keep supporting Emily in the cafe and in the classroom. They will keep talking about the things that Emily needs to learn at the cafe and in the classroom. They will keep working towards Emily getting a paid job at the end.


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