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We work closely with our partners Discovery Catering to provide catering for your event - we can open the kitchen and provide our full cafe menu, arrange a tapas style vegetarian feast, or simply lay on a healthy and wholesome buffet or snack selection.

We focus on good quality, wholesome food. We believe that it doesn't have to be expensive to eat healthy and ethical food. 

All of our food is sourced locally wherever possible and we support local, independent suppliers and producers. 

By using fruit and vegetables that are in season, we can buy them locally so that they are fresher and tastier.  Buying directly from the growers and producers wherever possible means it is easier for us to find out what has gone into the food we serve.  Buying locally also means we cut down on the distance our food has traveled so less CO2 is produced and less energy is used.

When we have to buy ingredients from other countries we think about the effect that has.  All of our tea, coffee, sugar and hot chocolate is certified Fairtrade.  This means that growers and producers in poorer countries are guaranteed good working conditions and are paid a fair price for their work.  All of our soya products are from sustainable soya plantations (mainly in the EU) - this means that the precious rainforests are not being destroyed and habitats lost.

Eating ethically doesn’t mean compromising on taste. Here are some comments from our satisfied customers…

“Really impressed and so refreshing to find somewhere (especially in Sittingbourne!) with such good values, and meeting facility for a whole cross section of the community and serving delicious vegetarian/vegan food.  Curry was delicious and salad so fresh and tasty and lovely flatbread.  Thank you!”

“Food is exquisite”

“Awesome cake - from a non-vegan!”

“The best mocha I have had from outside London!” – we are now aiming for the best including London ;)

We stock Eco4 coffee - our coffee is triple certified to ensure that people, the environment and animals are protected in the growing and production of the coffee.  The beans are roasted in Sittingbourne and ground freshly by our barista trained team at The Pulse.

All of the food and drink we make is vegetarian and vegan.  We believe in respect for life and feel that this should include all life, not just human life.  A plant based diet also uses less energy and water than an animal based diet - why grow a field of grain to feed to a field of cows and use twice as much land, energy and water when we could eat the grain ourselves? 

The Pulse is used as a hub for training and education around sustainability and ethical consumption. We are constantly finding out more about sustainable food and will be happy to talk with you about what we have learnt."

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