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Course monitoring quality at Skillnet is "one of the best I've ever seen" - 03/03/2017

Course monitoring quality at Skillnet is
It is no secret that the support people receive with Skillnet is personalised, effective and goes further than just working with people on their coursework.  We pride ourselves on seeing people as individuals and working with them in a way that suits them.  When people do a course with us, we support people at their own pace and make sure that people have the flexibility to work on the units that they are interested in. Wherever we can, we work in the community or with other organisations so that people are not segregated. This has included holding Open Mic events, producing films and helping promote West Track Studios as a recording and rehearsal studio.
In October last year, Julie Wickman from Gateway Qualifications met with Steve Perry, Director for Arts and Education, for Skillnet's 6 monthly External Quality Assurance visit.  These visits are to make sure that people are getting the best possible support in their music and arts courses.  We are often too modest and not very good at telling people about how great our support is, so Julie's visit really helped highlight the excellent support people are receiving and has given us an opportunity to shout about it!
Julie had a look at a selection of portfolios - these included work by Peter Bland, Carmen Cassidy, Sam Cooper and Sarah Smilie.  The feedback was positive, with Julie commenting that people's evidence was better organised, and the quality of coursework evidence had improved since her last visit. She was also impressed by our  "learner centred" approach.  Julie remarked that the system we have set up on Podio to record people's goals and achievements is one of the best she has ever seen.
She was also very interested in the film 'Pushed' that the Thursday media group have produced. Julie watched the film, the "making of" short documentary plus the BBC South East news item and thought it was all brilliant stating that it is excellent evidence for teamwork skills unit and that everyone involved in the film would be able to use this unit towards their qualification.
Our next visit will be in July next year.

As part of our committment to Quality, and to ensuring that our workforce has the training they want and need, Steve Perry has recently completed a Level 4 Award in Internal Quality Assurance.  The full title of Steve's qualification is a bit of a mouthful - TQUK Level 4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice!   Congratulations Steve!

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