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Calligraphy Making a Comeback - 25/02/2017

Calligraphy Making a Comeback

Talented calligrapher and Sittingbourne local, Anthony (Tony) Ransom, has been approached to undertake a piece of work by the Civic Office in Maidstone. He will work on the certificates issued to Deputy Lieutenants across the UK.

Joanne Holmes, Deputy Clerk to the Lieutenancy said: “I can’t believe my luck in finding a quite amazing calligrapher to produce my Deputy Lieutenant Certificates.  I was struggling to find someone locally that could deliver a high quality service with an eye for detail but a colleague suggested I contact Skillnet as they had strong links with people working locally that might be able to help. They could!   I am now working with Tony from The Dancing Quill Calligraphy and I’m absolutely delighted with his work.”


Anthony has been supported by the Supported Employment team at Skillnet over the last year, developing his own business in calligraphy called The Dancing Quill. Anthony said of the support given by Skillnet 'When I first met up with Skillnet I hadn't worked for a long time and was very low on confidence. They helped me to find something I really wanted to do and gave me lots of practical advice and support to develop a business. While it's still early days, I’m excited about the future and will always be grateful for Skillnet's help.'


Helena Jennings, Project Lead with the Supported Employment team said *Anthony’s passion and skill in calligraphy is wonderful. Traditional skills are making a real comeback and there are so many opportunities for businesses in Kent and further afield to work with Anthony – he can turn his hand to most things. Everyone can achieve if they have the right support*


The Dancing Quill offers a range of services for weddings, businesses and personalised commissions. Please contact Anthony on or find The Dancing Quill Calligraphy on Facebook for examples of his work. 

Tel: 01227 374 285

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