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Nothing About Us Without Us - National Forum's NoVoice Campaign has over 900 signatures of support - 18/11/2016

Nothing About Us Without Us - National Forum's NoVoice Campaign has over 900 signatures of support

Sign the petition to ask the Department of Health to continue funding for the National Forum for People with Learning Disabilities so we can continue to have a voice.


Why is this important?

The Department of health has decided to cut funding the National Forum of People with Learning Disabilities in March 2017.

The National Forum is made up of people with learning disabilities who are elected from all nine regions of England. We work closely with the Government and national organisations at a high level to ensure that the voices of people with learning disabilities are heard when decisions are made that impact upon our lives.

We have managed to effect lots of decisions made by the government and contributed to much of the work that is done. For example recently we contributed to very important work to stop the deaths and abuse in care facilities. We are entitled to be involved and engaged when plans are being made and decisions are taken.

Lots of things have changed because of what forum members have said - sometimes even with announcements made in the House of Commons.

We also provide information to regional groups to make sure that as many people with learning disabilities as possible are involved.

The majority of us do this voluntarily.

However we have now been informed by the Department of Health that our funding is to be completely cut in March 2017.

We think that this decision is very wrong. It will be another way of taking away our voice.

We are campaigning so that the Department of Health changes it’s decision. Part of our campaign is to petition to David Mowat MP – who is the boss of the Department of Health. Please support us by signing our petition and join our campaign online – because every voice counts.



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