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Maths skills are a great excuse for making (and eating) cheesecake! - 14/03/2018

Maths skills are a great excuse for making (and eating) cheesecake!

Our functional skills lessons aim to relate to real life as much as possible.  This week, we used our maths lesson as an excuse to make cheesecake! The students planned the utensils and ingredients they would need. They found a recipe and went shopping to buy the items they needed. The students used budgeting skills and time management skills to complete the task.

Once they came back to The Pulse kitchen, they got to work cooking. They were able to learn about weighing and measuring ingredients accurately and the different types of measurement systems used in the kitchen.

Everybody had a great time making their cheesecakes (and a lot of fun eating them, too!).

Here is some feedback from three students letting us know what they thought of the lesson:

Steph said "I loved going out shopping and buying the ingredients.  I loved making the cheesecake - it was fun!"

William said "I love making cakes.  I am really good at it"

Ewan said "I enjoyed getting out of the classroom but I didn't like the cooking part as much!".

By the end of the lesson everybody was very cheerful (and very covered in ingredients!).


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