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Wild Weather Exhibition at Samphire Hoe - A Media Group Review - 26/02/2018

Wild Weather Exhibition at Samphire Hoe - A Media Group Review

On 21st February, the Dover Media group went to Samphire Hoe to the Wild Weather Exhibition in the Education Centre.  Samphire Hoe was made into conservation area to encourage local wildlife out of the earth from the Channel Tunnel.  The group wrote a review of their visit.


We took the number 61 Bus to Aycliffe, walked across a bridge over the A20 and went through a tunnel.  It took us roughly half an hour to walk there from the bus stop.  Sian said it was a challenging walk but there was a bit of sunshine.  Leila said it was an interesting walk as she had never walked under the tunnel before. 



Inside, large boards displayed two posters of Turners work and posters of photographs about weather.  Information was on each poster.  A machine was there that is like a weather gauge. 

There were many different photographs about the effects of weather.  Daniel liked the one about the Sun Dog.  Leila and Sian like a photograph showing a ship mirage.  Sam B liked the sunset one.  Robert like the waves overtopping.  Edward's favourite was the Cloud Halo.   Daniel liked the erosion photograph showing collapsed cliffs.  Sarah’s favourite was the fogbow as she had never heard the term before (it’s when fog makes the shape of a rainbow).



There were also educational books and Sam S looked for a book about how they dug the tunnel.  Peter liked the books as well.  Bradley, Sam B and Sarah left feedback in the comments book.

Outside there were display boards showing some history of Shakespeare Cliff and this was Bradley’s favourite bit.  We looked at the rules board and found the danger signs.

Bradley said the hot drinks from the kiosk were totally awesome.  It was £1.20 for a cup of tea.  Other drinks are available. 

The toilets were clean and there were disabled toilets.  People do have to pay for parking.  Everything was on one level and paved around the education centre.  The two Fire Wardens of our group, Robert and Leila, found the information showing the fire drill.


Karen said that she was surprised at the number of people there visiting at this time of year.  Everybody said they enjoyed the experience and would recommend visiting, but preferably go by car.  The walk to and from the Aycliffe bus stop is not accessible and you need to be reasonably fit due to the upward hill through the tunnel on the way back.


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