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Students enjoy a walk through British History - 22/02/2018

Students enjoy a walk through British History

Last week, students of the Supported Internship programme enjoyed visits to the British Museum in London as part of their wider learning about British culture, history and values. On Monday, the Swale group traveled together and on Wednesday it was the turn of the Medway group.

The enrichment trip for both Swale and Medway students was a great success. Students took the train and then either a tube or bus journey. Despite the freezing cold all of the students really enjoyed themselves.                      


They were all very tired out at the end of the day having looked at hundreds of different artifacts from around the world. It was great for the students to learn first-hand about so many different historical objects and made a nice change of scenery from the classroom whilst William entertained us all with his joking!  

Whilst on the trip, Lauren overcame her fear of travelling on the tube and riding on the escalator and was happy and confident doing this by the end of the day.  All of the students demonstrated good travel independence skills and were confident in getting themselves around London.


On Wednesday, all of the students travelled on a bus.  Despite the bus driver sending us the wrong way, we got there in the end in time for a wonderful day out.

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