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Preserve life. Prevent worsening. Promote recovery. - 22/01/2018

Preserve life. Prevent worsening. Promote recovery.

Molly Mears has recently joined Skillnet as an apprentice Admin Assistant. Molly started her journey with Skillnet in September 2016 as a student with Supported Internships. Following the personalised support and work experience programme, Molly progressed into the apprenticeship in December 2017.

In her new role, Molly helped set up at First Aid training day for the workforce, which she took part in as part of her induction. Molly's account of the day is below:


On Thursday we had our First Aid Training day. It was all about emergency first aid at work.

We learnt what to do when you call 999 or 112. We now know the aims of first aid, like the 3 Ps and the Primary Survey:

Preserve life. Prevent worsening. Promote recovery.

Primary survey:









We learnt about seizures, the different degrees of burns, the different types of bleeds, the different types of dressing and the chain of survival.

Here is what some people said about the first aid training:

Ali said “I think this is invaluable training. It is good to know I could help my students and colleagues if they need first aid assistance”.

Molly said “it was very good to learn all about how to do first aid and how to save lives”.

Gemma said it was “very informative, good to ask questions and get clarification of what is required and good to see my colleagues”.

Thank you to Natalie Burr and Jeremy Hinchliffe of the First Aid Team for leading this training, and making it accessible for employees with and without learning difficulties in Sittingbourne and Canterbury!  

  Article written by Molly Meares (pictured - Molly)

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