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Big builds for the Supported Internship team - 30/11/2017

Big builds for the Supported Internship team

This week within the functional skills lesson, the students were learning about teamwork and its importance within the work placement.  The students all gained a thorough understanding of this within the lesson and through group discussion. They then put their new knowledge to work in a practical team working exercise.

They paired up and were given a project brief: they had to build a structure, which was at least 1m in height, only using recycled products/junk modelling and it had to be able to stand on its own. They structures would undergo a waft test involving blowing at the structure and the wobbling of the table the structure is on!

The task really brought out the students' creativity and highlighted just how differently they all think and how they approach tasks in a unique way.  All structures were very different and were built with much enthusiasm.

The task was well received by the students and enabled them to demonstrate their team working skills in a practical way.  They completed the task successfully and followed the project brief.



At the end of the task, they carried out a self-evaluation and commented on their design/planning, ability to follow instructions and team working skills e.g. communication, being supportive of each other, working to their strengths, being helpful, sharing ideas and working to a common goal.


The winning structure

The students voted on the best structure and Connor Simmons and Alexander Masterson won the task.  They were very pleased with the result. They constructed their structure without using any cellotape and used precise cuts and folds to interlock the sides of the structure.  




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