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A welcoming start for Supported Intern students - 18/08/2017

A welcoming start for Supported Intern students

Last month, Supported Internships held two meet and greet events for students starting the programme in September 2017.

Students got to meet the team and hear inspirational stories from a current student as well as Jobs Champion, Steve Chapman, and Supporter, Jason Tyrell, both self-advocates who have previously received employment support themselves and are now employed with Skillnet.

Jason said - "When we talked about planning for the meet and greet days I felt worried,  but it was I a great feeling when I received a round of applause when I stood up to tell my story.  The best thing for me was when one of the new students (who was really scared and shy) edged slowly towards me and started conversation with me and the other students. I remember being like that myself, and am proof that it's possible to change.  I can't wait for the course start in September...."

Parents and carers came along with the students as they tried out the journey to their new place of study and eased into the next stage of the transition into adulthood. 

For many students, having plenty of time to prepare and adjust to a new environment and a new way of working is helpful.  The meet and greet events were an opportunity for them to get their timetables and a 'meet the team' document with mini biographies and photos of all staff working with them. Students could also ask questions in an informal setting and get a feel for how their course would be in September.

Parents Anthony and Denise said - "The meet and greet went really well. We came out of there so positive; something that we haven't felt for a very long time. We feel Felix will get a lot of help and experience from you and your colleagues at Skillnet, and it will give him the confidence and self esteem he so desperately needs for his working career."


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