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What is sustainability?

Sustainability in Kent

If something is sustainable it means it can keep on going.  There are three main areas of sustainability - environmental (nature, animals, plants), financial (money) and social/economic (jobs, health, fairness and happiness).  All three are linked and can affect each other.

Environmental sustainability is the one we hear about most.  For something to be environmentally sustainable we need to make sure we do not use up more of the earth's resources than can regenerate.  For example, coal and oil took millions of years to form (from dead plants and animals getting squashed together and heated up).  We are digging them up much faster than they can be made again.  This means that it is not sustainable to use coal or oil.  You might hear about sustainable forestry.  This is where trees are cut down but more trees are planted so that they grow back before they run out.

When we talk about financial sustainability we are talking about whether there is enough money to keep something running.  For Skillnet Group to be financially sustainable we need to make sure we have enough money to keep doing the work we want to do.  This means making sure we are making our own money - through social enterprises like The Pulse, Eco Shed and West Track Studios.  It means we do not depend just on grants and donations of money.  We need lots of different ways of bringing money to the organisation so we can be financially sustainable.

Sustainability What is it?Economic sustainability is closely linked to financial sustainability because we live in a society that is based on money.  For a society to be sustainable people need to be able to give what they can and take what they need.  

People needed to be treated equally and fairly and contribute to their society.  

People should have everything they need - food, water, good health, a home, friends and family, confidence, happiness, respect, privacy.  

For society to be sustainable everyone needs to work together to make sure everyone has what they need, all around the world.

To live in a sustainable way we need to respect the people, animals and planet around us.  Everything we do has an effect on the world.  Make sure what you do has a positive effect.  

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