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Skillnet Group was founded and operates on the basis that it is good to work together with other groups, organisations and individuals. It is especially powerful when you have similar goals and ideas. We find great value in having strong relationships with other organisations and in putting different organisations in touch with each other.

In an increasingly competitive world where funding is stretched and time is so valuable we will strive to use networks and communication to share our ideas and influence local communities. We prefer to work together rather than duplicating work or saying that we are the only ones who know how to do something. Here are a few of the organisations we have developed partnerships with over recent months. 


As well as working with people like us we work to influence organisations and people who do not work in an inclusive or ethical way. We look to understand different ways of working and break down barriers between people who traditionally have not worked together. This is a key part of our beliefs as an organisation and we have seen this proactive approach produce amazing results.

We use social networking to communicate our message and link up with others who are campaigning about the same things as us.

The Pulse Café is also a central hub of connections where people can meet, talk and plan together. It is used by a wide variety of social groups, campaigning groups and individuals looking to connect with others and make a difference in their local community.

We value the relationships we have with statutory partners who provide some of our funding through contracting with us to provide support to people with a learning difficulty. We endeavour to keep focused on the rights and needs of each individual we work with and having trusting relationships with commissioners is very important to achieving that.

We acknowledge that as a campaigning social movement we will not always agree with others working in our local community, but we are committed to finding ways to work together, find common ground and keep things moving forward. 

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