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The Great Citizens Course 2015

Do you know you have the power to change things?

Join our course in Canterbury on Fridays from 10 April to 23 July.

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Who is the course for?

People with a learning difficulty age 18 to 30. (People older than 30 may be considered) They will form a group of no more than 10 people.


Where is the course?

In Canterbury at Skillnet’s West Track Studio near Canterbury West Station. The address is Roper Yard, Roper Road, Canterbury CT2 7ER. We will also visit the Houses of Parliament, Kent County Council in Maidstone and Canterbury Cathedral.


When is the course?

Fridays from 10am to 4pm. In some weeks, the day will be different if there is a special event. For example, the General Election is on a Thursday and we will support people to vote on that day.

The course will start on Friday 10th of April and finish on Friday 23rd July. This is 16 weeks.


What will it cost?

Because we have support with funding the course, it will cost only £5 per day. We have an extra charge of £15 for a visit to London. This adds up to £95 for the whole course. If you pay it all in one go, the cost is only £85. We also have a small number of free places for people on a very low income. Please ask in confidence if this will help you take part.


What will I learn?

How big decisions are made where you live. We will meet councillors and politicians and learn what they do.

How to speak up and help make changes to big decisions. The course will help us be more confident talking in a group and to the people who make big decisions.

About the General Election and what voting is. We will learn how to make our own choices about who to vote for.

About Magna Carta. 800 years ago, people in England could not make choices about their lives. This was because the king had too much power. People worked together to write down the changes they wanted to see in a document called Magna Carta. This means Great Charter in English. People worked together and campaigned to make the king agree to the changes they wrote down. This gave people more power and choices about their lives. We will think about the changes we want to see for people with a learning difficulty.

We will help write a new Great Charter using the Front Room in the Beaney in Canterbury.



What else will I get to do?



Who will lead the course?

We will have a tutor and a mentor working together to lead the course. The tutor will help everyone learn. The mentor is someone with a learning difficulty who knows how to speak up and change things. Our mentor will be Steve Chapman. Steve is well known in Kent for speaking up for the rights of people with a learning difficulty. Our tutor is Candy Worf. Candy know lots about politics and is a great teacher!


Is anyone else involved?

We will also have guest speakers from the University of Kent, Canterbury Cathedral, Skillnet Group and the Learning Disability Alliance.

A lot of our course materials came from the excellent Getting On Board course developed by Community Futures, part of the Avenues Group.


Is the course suitable for people with complex needs?

We strongly believe that people with more complex needs have as much right to be heard and taken seriously as anyone else. We will try our best to make the course work for you. Please contact us to talk about what you need.


Can I try it out first?

Yes! Come along on the first day free of charge to see if you like it. This is on Friday 10 April. The course will run at West Track Studios, Roper Yard, Roper Road, Canterbury CT2 7ER. Just let us know you are coming by contacting us!



How do I make contact to find out more?

Send us a message using the form below or call Candy on 07421 745521.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Ask a question or book your place by completing this form:

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