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About Skillnet Group

Download a PDF of this statement by clicking here.

About us

We are people with and without learning difficulties working together to achieve equality.

Skillnet Group is also a social enterprise. As a Community Interest Company, all our profit is put back into supporting the work we do.

Our Vision

We work towards a world in which people with learning difficulties:

Our wider vision is of a world in which all people are equally valued and all life is respected.

Our Values

We believe the first things we should see in a person are their humanity, qualities, abilities and potential. Understanding any impairment they may have is very important, but secondary.

We believe it is society’s failure to adapt to a person’s impairment that disables them. It is possible to organise society and change attitudes so that someone with a learning difficulty can play a full part, and therefore not be disabled. We follow the Social Model of Disability.

We believe that when people with and without learning difficulties work together equally, everyone benefits. We work with people, not for people. We call this Co-production. We aim to co-produce wherever possible.

We believe everything we do to support a person should be shaped by who they are as an individual – their hopes, dreams, gifts, skills and potential. We call this Personalisation.

We believe in ethical business. Our way of working supports the long-term health of society, the economy and the environment. We aim to “meet the needs of the present without preventing future generations from meeting their own needs” (World Commission on Environment and Development). We call this Sustainability.

We believe in compassionate respect for all life. We encourage people to consider how their actions affect the world around them.

We believe support given to people is most effective when the people and organisations giving it work closely together. We value co-working over competition. We build partnerships and share resources with organisations whose values are like ours. Our quality and excellence are motivated by our commitment to people.

We believe social goals are more likely to be achieved if there is no profit motive. We therefore put all our profit back into supporting the work we do. This saves our customers and funders the cost of private profits. We believe in rewarding employees with fulfilling work, a fair, living wage and employment terms and conditions that value their family and social lives.


You can read our full Ethical Policy here.

What we do

We support people with learning difficulties to speak up, make choices and become powerful and influential. We support them to gain opportunities and become more independent in learning, housing, work, health, money, travel, leisure and relationships.

We support people to hear, respect and empower people with learning difficulties.

We promote positive action to challenge negative attitudes about disability.

We work with local communities so that people with learning difficulties become fully included and no longer segregated.

How we do it

We run co-produced social businesses that offer paid work and work experience to people with learning difficulties and other disadvantaged people.

We support people individually and in groups to learn, develop independence, engage fully with mainstream society and achieve employment, skills and qualifications.

We campaign for equality, human rights and a healthy society, economy and environment.

We train individuals and organisations to support people with learning difficulties according to our values.

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